The 2019 Power Thru the Powder Weekend will have encouraging moments for you and your family that will last a lifetime. No matter who is the participant, the whole family can be there on and off the slopes to be part of the weekend experience. Spaces are limited, register today!

All sessions for participation are currently sold out.  If you would like to submit a registration we will add you to our email list for next year's Power Thru the Powder.
Our preferred session for participation is::

Saturday, February 2nd - AM Session (Sold Out)
Saturday, February 2nd - PM Session (Sold Out)
Sunday, February 3rd - AM Session (Sold Out)
Sunday, February 3rd - PM Session (Sold Out)
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What did last year's event mean for your family?

I could never get on a mountain and teach my son to ski–not just because of my lack of skiing skill, but because Vincent requires the attention of more than one trained adaptive coach to learn new skills. To see him meet new people, follow directions, and try a new activity SO out of his comfort zone was a reminder to me that Vincent is capable of more than my family and I have expected of him in the past. The event also introduced my family to other families of children with special needs in a very positive way, which I think strengthened the bond my family has with Vincent.

What was your most memorable moment?

My most memorable moment was watching Vincent clamber back up to the conveyor belt after having a challenging first-run, to try again. While I was expecting Vincent to tear up and give up, instead he surprised us all with his determination to keep at it. He was grinning and high-fived me, and turned right back around to give it another go. He trusted his adaptive coaches, who knew just how to react whenever Vincent expressed apprehension or became shy or frustrated, and I think that made all the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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